Remove command-not-found-handler. In case a command cannot be found fish will search for a packge to install to supply that command. I rarely need that and it can take some time. Open ~/.config/fish/ and add the following: function __fish_default_command_not_found_handler –on-event fish_command_not_found functions –erase __fish_command_not_found_setup end Add time of command start This will add the current time when a command is executed. I find this useful for long running commands. function preexec_add_time_at_command_execution –on-event fish_preexec set RPROMPT_DATE ((date +"%H:%M:%S")) set RPROMPT_X_VALUE (math "$COLUMNS-11") echo -e "\033[1A\033[""$RPROMPT_X_VALUE""C $RPROMPT_DATE" end Add support to vim Add the vim-fish plugin with your favourite plugin manager.